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I would like to wish peace and happiness to everyone who has visited Mungyeong Miso Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation.

Mungyeong Miso, a luxury food company that directly cultivates, processes and sells top-quality Omija by acquiring the REDIM trademark in Mungyeong, which accounts for 50% of Korea's Omija production, has a mission to live with smiles and we always strive for the health and happiness of our customers.

Mungyeong Miso will do its best to produce only clean, safe products with best quality.

Mungyeong Miso will always approach our customers with a constant sincerity and integrity.

Mungyeong Miso will not only stay in the present but will reward you with a safer and healthier new product development, and will expand into a wider global market.

We ask for your constant love for our homepage and shopping mall in the future.

CEO, Kim Kyeong Ran