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Omija laver

The premium laver made of
Mungyeong Omija and traditional laver

It is Omija laver which has been carefully made for our customers and family members all.

Obtained a patent for manufacturing Omija laver!

It is our safe and healthy food that strictly selects Mungyeong Omija from the best seeds of clean area in the west coast and Mungyeong clean zone. In particular, the use of salt has been drastically reduced compared to regular seasoned laver. Mungyeong Miso Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation, has been accredited by HACCP (Food Hazard Element Critical Management) in December 2015 to make Omija laver in a safe and hygienic facility.

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    The center of Baekdudaegan, Mungyeong Omija.

    Omija means five kinds of flavor, and we processed and added the very Omija which is produced only in Mungyeong area(sweet, sour, bitter, salty, spicy).
    REDIM is a brand that certifies that it is a product using Mungyeong Omija.

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    The red Omija makes further the taste of traditional laver.

    Omija laver selects only good quality seeds produced in the clean zone of the west coast, adding the whole seaweed and crust of Omija to it, so you can feel better flavor and aroma.

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    A seasoned laver with low salt.

    We use less salt thanks to Omija powder and the five flavors of Omija add to the richness of laver. Lignan, an ingredient of Omija, has antioxidant functions to slow the spoilage of seasoned laver and keep the laver fresh.