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Onion laver

More onions added and more delicious laver

Onion laver which is produced by differentiated laver-seasoning techniques of Mungyeong Miso is reliable.

More Fresh and healthy taste! Use of clean seaweed in the west coast.

Laver is a natural food rich in vitamins and minerals, and it is the best gift that nature has given to humans. We have carefully selected the good seeds collected by the fishermen who have taken part in the rough seas of the West Coast Clean Zone. Especially, processed domestic onion is added, and its taste and quality are excellent. In December 2015, Mungyeong Miso Co., Ltd., an agribusiness corporation, has been accredited as HACCP (Food Hazard Element Critical Management), making onion laver in our safe and hygienic facility.

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    Onion laver with a rich flavor

    Processing and addition of onion, which is produced only in the purified area of Mungyeong area, further enhances the taste and flavor. The sweet taste and flavor of the onion adds to the sweetness and presents chewy texture. Feel the clean taste of laver instead of tangy feeling in your mouth.

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    Containing quercetin

    It is well known that onions are good for the body. Onions filled with Quercetin is a valuable food that helps a lot of modern people who consume a lot of fatty foods. Low salt seasoned laver.

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    Low salt seasoned laver.

    The taste and flavor of the onion reduces the salinity and makes the laver more flavorful. Munhee Onion laver which gets more flavorful and chewier as you chew more contains low salt and is good for children's rice side dish.