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Omija Miso

The flavor and aroma of this product is distinct from others by using the premium raw material fermented and aged for 2 years or more.

10 pack 30 pack

It is a health drink that can be easily eaten anywhere in the home, school, or office.

The Omija, which is produced only in the municipal clean zone, Mungyeong area, has been fermented for more than two years, and is used as it is, and the unspoiled nature of Omija is kept intact. The Omija Miso Pack is easy to carry, so you can feel distinctively deep and profound flavor of Mungyeong Omija anytime and anywhere. REDIM is a brand which certifies that the product is made of Mungyeong Omija.


Lignans contained in Omija are natural ingredients that food produces to protect itself from the outside, and it is converted into antioxidants in the body. Omija is rich in lignans.

It is recommended for those who are like

  • Those who want to recover their exhausted energy due to frequent overwork and night work.

  • Those who are looking for a handy healthy drink that you can carry easily at home, school or office.

  • Those who are suffering from coughs, phlegm, asthma, and other bad bronchi.

  • Those who are concerned about the health of children and parents who are weak in immunity.