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Omija Cheong

The natural taste of fermented Mungyeong Omija!

Rest assured! It is the traditional Korean food that is healthy and safe.

'Cheong' is a word that comes from '' Honey '' in the court. It is made into various kinds of sugar, and it is carefully prepared. After fermenting and aging process, it becomes a good polysaccharide and healthy food for the body.

Mungyeong Miso Omija made with 100% Omija without using any additives.

No preservatives / No coloring agent / No sweetener / No flavoring agent

In the clean environment of highland at Mungyeong mountains, which has the altitude of 300m above sea level and large daily temperature differences, it produces the most distinguished premium Omija in the country thanks to our environmentally friendly cultivation technology. Mungyeong Omija has been transferred from Mt. Hwangjang, and Mt. Daemi, the center of Baekdudaegan mountain ranges as well as the largest producer of Omija in Korea. It is produced by environment friendly farming method in 300m ~ 700m altitude clean environment. It is designated as the only "Special Trade Zone of Omija" in the country, and it is the first main production area which occupies 45% of the national Omija with production of 1,500 tons per year.

Omija rich in minerals and vitamins

Superior nutritional ingredients of Omija.

It is recommended for those who are like

  • Those who want to recover their exhausted energy due to frequent overwork and night work.

  • Those who are looking for a handy healthy drink that you can carry easily at home, school or office.

  • Those who are suffering from coughs, phlegm, asthma, and other bad bronchi.

  • Those who are concerned about the health of children and parents who are weak in immunity.