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Manufacture process

All products of Mungyeong Miso are manufactured and packaged through strict inspection and management with automated production facilities.

Laver Manufacturing Process
  • 01.Laver storage in the frozen warehouse
  • 02.Injection
  • 03.Primary Roasting
  • 04.Seasoned and second roasting
  • 05.Inner packing
  • 06.Metal detection
  • 07.Inner box packing
  • 08.Storage
Liquid manufacturing process
  • 01.Omija Farm
  • 02.Classification
  • 03.Cleaning and Drying
  • 04.Pickling of natural sugars
  • 05.Fermentation and aging
  • 06.Storage of undiluted solution
  • 07.Sterilization of undiluted solution
  • 08.Injection
  • 09.Finished product