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Organic Roasted Seaweed

A high-quality snack, which is easy to carry anywhere, anytime!


“An onion-flavored, rich in quercetin, This onion seaweed is delicious!”

It has become a luxury product after meeting onions rich in quercetin and quality organic seaweed produced in the clean waters of Korea’s west coast.

Onions retain the freshness of the seaweed for longer periods of time, and they taste and smell great, making it even more delicious.

A snack seaweed, which is easy to carry anywhere, anytime!

It’s a high-quality snack that you can enjoy from child to adult.


“The unique, deep and strong taste of PORCINI adds to the flavor.”

PORCINI is a deep, strong-flavored mushroom popular in Europe, including Italy, and has a chubby body, which is called a “PORCINI” (pig) in Italian.

The mushroom has a low bitterness, adding flavor to a variety of dishes, and makes a high-end snack that goes well with Korean organic seaweed so that all men, women and children can comfortably and safely enjoy it.

It’s even better to take it with you when you’re outdoors.


“The pectin of the apple meets organic seaweed, making my body healthier!”

Apples contain pectin that helps your health by releasing bad cholesterol out of your body. Enjoy healthy and safe snacks with apples, a friendly fruit that everyone in the world loves, and quality organic seaweed from Korea’s pristine waters.

A fantastic combination of the flavor of apples and fresh traditional seaweed!

It’s a high-quality snack for women and children.